Busy Philipps Wants to 'Destigmatize' Women's Health: 'Use the Correct Words for the Things That We've Got'

"There is a difference between a vulva and a vagina and a labia," the actress tells PEOPLE at the 'Girls5eva' NYC premiere

<p>Noam Galai/Getty Images</p> Busy Philipps attends the

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Busy Philipps attends the 'Girls5Eva' S3 New York City premiere on March 7, 2024

Busy Philipps is opening up about the significance of discussing women's health.

While gracing the purple carpet for the premiere of the new season of her show Girls5eva, the 44-year-old actress spoke to PEOPLE about her recent collaboration with the skincare brand Say La V. This brand aims to empower women to confidently embrace their vulvas and foster open conversations about women's health.

"I partnered with them to destigmatize what's happening with our organs, especially as women. I think it's important," Philipps tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. "Listen, we've been politicized so much, but we might as well use the correct words for the things that we've got. So, there's a difference between a vulva, a vagina and labia."

<p>Arturo Holmes/Getty</p> Busy Philipps attends the 'Mean Girls' premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on Jan. 8, 2024 in New York City

Arturo Holmes/Getty

Busy Philipps attends the 'Mean Girls' premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on Jan. 8, 2024 in New York City

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Only a day before the premiere, the mother of two also took to her Instagram to announce and share more about what the partnership means to her.

In the post, Phillips holds up a bottle of the brand's nourishing Veauty wash while wearing a t-shirt that reads "sayVulva." The brand's website explains that the soap consists of a pH-balanced daily wash with nourishing jojoba oil and bacteria-balancing prebiotics, proven to keep your vulva healthy.

"I'm partnering with say la V to empower women to #sayVulva and to take care of their vulva the right way," she captioned the post. "Here's why: your vulva (everything external) is not your vagina (internal canal), your vulva is not self-cleaning (but your vagina is), your vulva has sweat glands, just like your armpits, your vulva needs skincare just like your face."

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According to the Cleveland Clinic, women need to keep their vulva clean to prevent infections, including bacterial vaginosis—an infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria—and yeast infections—an infection caused by an overgrowth of fungus. The clinic recommends that women wash this part of their body regularly with mild soap and warm water.

"When it comes to vulvar care, it’s important not to overdo it," the Cleveland Clinic's website advises. "Your vagina contains good bacteria that keep it clean and healthy. Overwashing can disrupt the balance of good bacteria and lead to infections."

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