Burglars tunneled through wall into pharmacies and stole opioids, Arizona police say

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Liz O. Baylen/Miami Herald File

Two people were caught on camera when they tunneled into the walls of two Arizona pharmacies, police said.

The burglars cut into the walls of neighboring businesses to get into MG Pharmacy and S & G Pharmacy in Phoenix, according to the Silent Witness a nonprofit organization created to help law enforcement.

Phoenix police said the burglars got away with thousands of pills, costing over $30,000. They took oxycodone and other opioids from the November and December break-ins, police and the Silent Witness said.

MG Pharmacy told KTVK the business installed safety glass and bars on the windows after prior break-ins.

But it didn’t deter these burglars.

Instead, they tunneled through the dental office wall next to the pharmacy, stole all of the drugs that began with “O” and left the morphine untouched, the news outlet reported.

A surveillance video from the police shows two suspects wearing hooded black sweatshirts, black pants and face masks.

The nonprofit organization is offering up to a $1,000 reward.

The investigation is ongoing. Police said if the suspects are arrested, they face felony commercial burglary charges and potential drug-related charges depending on the investigation.

MG Pharmacy is about 5 miles north of S & G Pharmacy.

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