Burger King Is Testing Out A New Breakfast Grill'wich

Three Burger King Grill'wich Sandwiches
Three Burger King Grill'wich Sandwiches - Burger King

If you're a fan of grabbing breakfast at Burger King, then you'll be pleased to know that a new menu item is coming your way. Over the past few months, Burger King's breakfast items have been multiplying as the fast food chain tests new additions, such as the Smoky Maple Chicken Biscuit. According to info shared with Mashed, the latest addition the chain is testing is called the Grill'wich Sandwich.

If you're located in the Detroit or McAllen-Brownsville areas, then starting November 16, you can be among the first to try this breakfast menu hopeful. The sandwich is comprised of eggs topped with melted American cheese and your choice of meat, which includes bacon, sausage, or Black Forest ham. The breakfast staples are sandwiched between flame-grilled flatbread. The Grill'wich Sandwiches will only be available at participating locations while supplies last, but if enough people are fans, then they just might make their way to the permanent breakfast menu.

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Burger King Is Encouraging Mix N' Matched Breakfast

Burger King sign
Burger King sign - Manuel Milan/Getty Images

If you're a Burger King regular, then you're likely familiar with the chain's Mix N' Match meal option. This deal allows you to snag two participating menu items for either $4 or $5. This also applies to the restaurant's breakfast menu, so if the new Breakfast Grill'wich Sandwich is available to you, you can pair it with another breakfast menu item if you want some extra fuel for the day.

Burger King's other breakfast options include items like hash browns, croissan'wich sandwiches, and of course, coffee. But when the time comes to mix and match with your Breakfast Grill'wich Sandwich, the culinary minds at Burger King recommend pairing it with the restaurant's famous French Toast Sticks, which can be purchased in either five or seven pieces. If you do happen to be in an area that's testing the new breakfast sandwich, according to the chain, your feedback will dictate whether or not the option is ultimately offered to locations nationwide.

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