Bulk Barn Canada leaves American woman flabbergasted: ‘This is the craziest place I've ever been’

A TikTok went viral after an American creator was amazed by the concept of Bulk Barn, a Canadian bulk foods store.

Mason Tannar, a digital creator under the handle of @yunggravysfuturewife, posted a TikTok of her reaction after visiting Bulk Barn in Canada for the first time.

“Literally my jaw is on the floor, this is the craziest place I’ve ever been,” Tannar says in the video. She also points out items like chicken soup mix, macarons, and popcorn, all of which you can grab and put in a plastic bag to be weighed later at the cash.

Bulk Barn was founded in 1982, and has been selling a variety of items like spices, baking essentials, candies, and more in bulk quantities. Although Bulk Barn has two hundred and thirty stores across the country, it is currently only located in Canada.

“This is the smartest thing I’ve ever seen, you can take as much flour and salt…” Tannar continues in the Tiktok. As crazy as this might seem to Canadians, the United States doesn’t have an equivalent to Bulk Barn.

“I’m not shocked that Bulk Barn isn’t a global experience but I am shocked that you don’t have an American alternative?” said @hauntinglykrista in reaction to the TikTok.

Although Florida temporarily had Bulk Nation USA, a store with the same concept as Bulk Barn, the location is now permanently closed. Currently, the closest alternative the Americans have is Costco or Sam’s Club, where you can buy items in large quantities but they still come prepackaged.

“As a Canadian, I just realized how much I’ve taken Bulk Barn for granted,” said @ohhyoubudget in the comments section. While this seems to be the common reaction amongst Canadians, whether this will change their shopping habits or not, remains a question.

As of now, Bulk Barn has no official plans to expand to the States. However, for those who are visiting, they are offering over three thousand products in addition to their holiday stock for the winter in Canada.