Who is Buggy from ‘One Piece’? Meet the Clown Pirate With a Unique Ability

one piece jeff ward as buggy the clown in season 1 of one piece cr courtesy of netflix © 2023
Everything About Buggy from ‘One Piece’Netflix

While One Piece has certainly been entertaining us all with its wild story of pirates and treasure, there's one particular character that's getting a special round of applause, and rightfully so. Buggy has been one of the most iconic characters in the original anime and manga, so it only makes sense that he's gaining some new fans in the live adaptation, largely thanks to the actor who plays him. So just who is he? And why is everyone falling in love with him?

Here's everything you need to know about Buggy in Netflix's One Piece.

Who is Buggy?

We first meet Buggy through his wanted poster. Just like Luffy and Nami, he hopes to get his hands on the map to the Grand Line and originally had planned to take it from Axe-Hand Morgan before the two Straw Hats worked together to get it.

After hearing that they took the map, Buggy and his crew attack the Straw Hats and use red flares filled with a sleeping gas to take them out and bring him over to Orange Town, where it is revealed he has destroyed everything and kept the townspeople as his prisoners and forced audience members for his circus.

one piece jeff ward as buggy the clown in season 1 of one piece cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

Buggy asks the Straw Hats where they hid the map, hearing that Luffy had placed in it in a "safe place" thanks to his ability to be able to disassemble and re-assemble himself after eating the Chop Chop Fruit. A battle begins between him and Luffy as he tries to figure out where exactly he left the map. At one point, Buggy puts Luffy in a tank of seawater in the hopes that he will reveal the map's location. However, Nami and Zoro appear and help Luffy take down Buggy by placing different parts of his body in different chests, keeping him from being able to put himself back together.

Afterward, Buggy gets captured by Arlong, who forces him to go after Luffy. It's later revealed that Buggy put one of his ears in Luffy's hat to help track them down, which helps Arlong find them at Baratie. Luffy then takes Buggy's head hostage and uses him to try to figure out Arlong and Nami's location.

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With his head in a bag, Sanji and Zoro are able to reunite him with his body, which is also the location of Arlong's hideout. In the middle of the big fight, Buggy puts himself back together and immediately runs away.

When Luffy's wanted poster is revealed, Buggy is seen at a bar next to Alvida and the two seem to decide to partner up together to take down their common foe.

Who Plays Buggy?

TikTok can't get over just how hot Buggy is and there's a good reason for that. Under all that clown makeup is actor Jeff Ward, best known for playing Deke Shaw in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and as Roy Hardaway in Brand New Cherry Flavor. And you won't believe the transformation he went through to get into total Buggy mode.

So yeah, we totally get it and it didn't take that many fancams to convince us either!

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