Buggy the Clown from 'One Piece' Is Driving Fans Wild

one piece jeff ward as buggy the clown in season 1 of one piece cr courtesy of netflix 2023
Buggy from 'One Piece' Is Driving Fans WildCourtesy of Netflix - Netflix

The world of One Piece is full of wacky, bizarre, and downright cartoonish characters. The popular manga and anime series contains fish-men, a boy made of rubber, super-powered gods, and towering giants. There's a tribe of long-armed men called the Longarm tribe and a tribe of long-legged men called—wait for it—the Longleg tribe. That's the kind of stuff we're dealing with here. But when creator Eiichiro Oda debuted a pirate named Buggy the Clown early in One Piece's now-1,000+ chapter series, he was one of the first truly wacky guys that readers were subjected to.

Sure, we had Luffy's weird, elastic body. But mostly everyone else up until Buggy's early introduction was human. So, Oda created the wacky Buggy the Clown. He's a twisted pirate captain born with a clown-like red nose who holds a connection to Luffy's past and initially represents everything he stands against. Oh, and he's a guy with the power to remove and manipulate his own body parts. That last little fact is currently destroying the internet.

As crazy as it sounds, Buggy swiftly grew to become a fan-favorite in the Netflix's new live-action adaptation. Even 20 years later, it appears newcomers to the series are feeling the love-Bug as well. (Sorry.) While some fans are praising actor Jeff Ward's portrayal of the character, others are praising his, um... sex appeal? Yes, the "girlies on TikTok are losing it over Buggy," as one fan wrote. First, it was the serial killers on Netflix. Now, it's the killer clowns.

And this is no small sample size! Netflix even got in on the Buggy Is hot Now? trend, remarking, "they're talking about your Buggy edits on TikTok." When a Twitter user got flustered that Netflix had caught on to their thirsty fan-edits, the streamer responded that, "YOU ARE ALL GROUNDED." This is the world we live in now, folks. Buggy is officially hot. What's next? Are you going to tell me that the One Piece is real?

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