Buffalo’s lost the sauce! Stores take KC BBQ sauce off shelves for Chiefs playoff game

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The trash-talking was fun, but now it’s personal.

Dash’s Markets in Buffalo took all brands of Kansas City barbecue sauce off its shelves ahead of Sunday’s clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. The store is also closing all of its locations early on Sunday so their employees can watch the big game.

“You know we want people buying local, Buffalo brands type stuff, and we don’t want to be selling the Kansas City BBQ sauce this week,” Joe Catalano, general manager, told Spectrum News in Buffalo. “It is kind of a little fun to get under the Kansas City fans’ skin. But if someone really wanted it, we would accommodate them.”

A sign on the sauce shelf reads, “Dash’s is taking KC down in the aisles so the Bills can take them down on the field.”

We reached out to Dash’s Markets for more information on why they’d do such a thing. They haven’t responded yet, but it turns out they pulled the same stunt last year.

It’s game on.

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