Budget promises fail to convince

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<span>Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA</span>
Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Your print headline “Chancellor to strike bullish note in budget” (Report, 26 October) contains a spelling mistake and a missing letter. Large amounts of the funds are recycled from previous announcements and not new money at all.
Adrian Quinn
Caldicot, Monmouthshire

• Internal voices are hardly the “last mind mystery” (The last great mystery of the mind: meet the people who have unusual – or non-existent – inner voices, 25 October). Far more fundamental and intractable are the appearance of “ideas” (a Greek invention) “from” somewhere, and, related but distinct, the (effortless, unconscious) externalisation of pre-linguistic “idea-material” to speech and writing – without any prior mental voice.
Guy Dugdale

• The problem of raw sewage being released in UK rivers (Sewage vote outcry prompts Tory MPs to defend decision on social media, 25 October) is now so serious that individuals can no longer swim freely and safely; they just go through the motions.
Ian Worthington

• My counter-counter-campaign to Michael Crapper’s suggestion regarding the cryptic crossword competition (Letters, 26 October) asks that you don’t exclude readers who don’t have access to the internet. I should add, obviously, that I am not asking for myself. It is only for the benefit of those who don’t complete the crossword.
Nigel Gann
Lichfield, Staffordshire

• Re supermarkets using pictures of fruit and veg to hide gaps on the shelves (Report, 22 October), can they count towards my five a day?
Mark Green
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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