Bryce Harper shows off his love of DC and Vegas with hometown puck drop

Bryce Harper plays baseball in Washington, DC, but he’s from Las Vegas. So which team will he represent when he drops the puck at a Capitals-Golden Knights game?

Like most baseball players, Bryce Harper is a man with dual allegiances. He’s spent his whole career playing for the Washington Nationals, but he’s a native of Las Vegas. He spends the offseason in his hometown, and the rest of the time he’s in DC (and traveling with the team, of course).

So when the Washington Capitals traveled to Las Vegas to play the brand new Vegas Golden Knights on Saturday, there was no better guy to drop the puck to start the game! But with those dual allegiances, what jersey would he wear? Would he pay tribute to his professional ties and go with the Caps? Or would he show love for his hometown and their brand new team?

Harper found the most diplomatic way to handle it. He’s wearing a very sharp Golden Knights jersey, but with a Capitals hat. It’s the best of both worlds, right? And his puck dropping skills seem pretty legit.

Harper is wearing the jersey for Golden Knights player Alex Tuch. And wouldn’t you know it, not long after the game started, Tuch did something great.

Bryce should try this again with a different player and see what happens. If he’s good luck, the Golden Knights might want to offer him a permanent offseason job as their official puck dropper.

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