Bros stars Ts Madison, Miss Lawrence want studio rom-coms about trans people: 'Imagine me as Julia Roberts'

Julia Roberts. Jennifer Lopez. Meg Ryan. Ts Madison. Miss Lawrence. Yep, that sounds right.

With Friday's release of Billy Eichner's gay rom-com Bros, the lineage of major studio romantic comedy leads is growing more diverse by the day. And, if Madison and Lawrence's vision for the future pans out, could soon include more stories about trans and non-binary people being funded by titanic production arms.

"I do think there will be moments like this, where there's a trans story, a love story, a gender-non-binary love story that happens," Lawrence, who is non-binary, exclusively tells EW in our latest Around the Table interview with the cast and crew of Bros. "I think this movie serves endless opportunities for what we can become and what we will now look like in film."

When asked to map out a potential plot for such a film, Lawrence says she'd love to see somebody like herself — or a trans woman — "fall in love with a piece of trade, honey." (For those scratching their heads, "trade" is a slang term that refers to, as Madison describes, a man who "barters cooch for ooch at night.")

In Lawrence's fantasy, "the trade decides he tried this and [thinks he likes] it and he wants it to continue, and it turns into, how does he break this to his family? Which, it all turns into a comedy — especially when you're talking about Black folk."


'Bros' stars Ts Madison and Miss Lawrence envision what studio rom-coms would look like with trans women or non-binary people at the center.

Madison, the trans trailblazer who appears in Bros alongside Lawrence as hilarious members of an adorably dysfunctional LGBTQ History Museum board, has dreams for her community on the big screen, too.

"Imagine me as Julia Roberts, honey! And my knight in shining armor pulls up in a limousine and takes me home," she says with a laugh.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Eichner tells EW he crafted Bros — in which he stars as a gay New Yorker who finds unexpected love with a macho hunk (Luke Macfarlane) who's almost as emotionally unavailable as he is — as a means to push the LGBTQIA+ experience further than it's ever gone at the theatrical level.

"You want the world to see that you're more than this one thing," Eichner says. "LGBTQ characters in mainstream projects have often been painted in very broad strokes. There's little nuance, we're one-dimensional or two-dimensional, the whacky neighbor or the best friend, counseling the leading lady on how her love life can be fulfilled. This was my opportunity to say that we're complicated people, we're hypocritical, we can change on a dime, we don't know what we want, we do know what we want, we're just human."

Bros is now playing in theaters nationwide. Watch EW's full Around the Table chat with the cast and crew of the film in the video above.

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