From a Broken Life, to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur, to Changing the Hearts and Minds of Millions

How the female Tony Robbins is storming the world..

A week ago from today, it was a somewhat bright winters day in London’s Hyde Park, I was there to meet social media sensation, and mindset guru Natasha Grano. After an hour with her, I felt elevated and inspired by her humble, honest and heartening story. Though having heard about her, I wasn’t sure between the eccentric, extroverted expression, the social media marketer to the leading mindset coach - who was going to show up. As time began to close, I began to realise Natasha’s true calling is to be a force to do good in the world, to help people improve their lives.

Natasha is a best selling author of the MBS Method™ which stands for Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity – a scientific blend of advanced meditational techniques, ancient breathing exercises with a strong focus on reframing the sub-conscious mind through different altered states. For the last decade Natasha has been researching and improving these techniques to bring about a scientific approach through neuroscience to mindset development and “manifesting” – focused around removing a person’s self-limiting beliefs, enabling them to create a sustainable positive mindset so that they can raise their productivity or level of fulfilment. Through this use of neuroscience, and other techniques such as anchoring, repetition and accessing altered states of the mind, Natasha has shown how clients already possess the ability to create a powerful, sustainable, positive mindset, with the ability to manifest the things they want in life – but just need help and tools in being able to access it.

In the last few years, this social media sensation has helped over 1.5 million people with her teachings, and gained over 100,000 clients that have gone through her programs. This British 31-year-old “whirlwind” is transforming lives everywhere she goes. Her knowledge has gained over 100 Million Views online, making her one of the most respected names in her field online and internationally. She is a sought-after speaker all over the world, and is best known for her high energy performances, and infectious personality – being labelled the female Tony Robbins, and it’s easy to see why.

Ms Grano has been learning and teaching Success Mindset for over a decade to all kinds of people at different stages of their life, incl. Entrepreneurs with 9 figure businesses and A-list movie stars. Grano said her “mission is to share her message with a billion people and make her wisdom available for absolutely anyone, anytime – and to be able to overcome any kind of suffering too.” as she did.

But it didn’t all start out like this for multi-millionaire Mindset Coach Natasha Grano. Natasha went onto to say, “5 years ago I went through the worst year of my life. From a painful divorce in my early twenties and being almost homeless with a new born baby, broke and then I got an illness and couldn’t care for my baby without support.”

Drawing on her own traumatic experiences she went through, Grano shows you how to transform any area of your life and take back control of your health, wealth, love life and success. How to use your network to create your net worth is one of her core teachings as she continues to help entrepreneurs create successful businesse by scaling up and broadening there their brands on social and digital media.

“I have formulated a method that helps anyone willing to change their reality too like I did, by eradicating their blockages first, healing, and expanding the mind to manifest the things they want in life.”

Two areas that Natasha particularly focuses on are the concepts of ‘Being in Balance’, and ‘Removing the Distractors’. From her research being in balance stems from feeling good about who you are, whether you are fulfilling your purpose, feeling loved in a relationship, and achieving your career goals. Natasha goes on to state that having measured this with her clients, being honest about your expectations of where you are at, enables a person to improve the quality of balance in their life, and this offers the ability to create a sustainable mindset. Natasha also focuses on helping her clients identify the different types of distractors in someone’s life, and provides methods to avoid, and adapt around them – thus helping her clients find the balance they need from positive influencers in their life. According to Natasha, this awareness has the power to transform the quality of someone’s life, and they are tools everyone can learn.

Natasha’s top 5 tips for a Success Mindset are:

1- Unlock your inner power to manifest anything you desire by unblocking self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your greatest life, so that you can be open to manifest anything!

2- Success is a mindset not the amount in your bank account. Natasha say’s don’t go after the money, go after the success and how it can change lives and solve problems for people. Then the money will follow.

3- Learn to release resentment, ego, pride, jealousy and anger from your mind. Eradicate negative self-talk and replace with feelings of joy, compassion, laughter and confidence.

4- The true secret to success is gratitude. People need to understand the power of gratitude, as it is the highest frequency you can feel, and recommends writing down 10 things you are grateful for every day.

5- Always be learning and you’ll never stop growing. Read, study or write for 3 hours a day. Be a student at all times, surround yourself with people who can positively help you, get a mentor who can guide you.

So according to the experts, whether it’s Tony Robbins or Natasha Grano – to maintain a success mindset, you must focus and recognise gratitude, refocus your belief system, erase negative self-talk and get mentorship to keep growing.

If her explosive growth or fan base is anything to go by, she is fulfilling her lifelong goal.