Brockton looks at option for dealing with food waste

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BROCKTON – A lot of people have wondered of how they could get rid of the smelly food waste that attracts animals, produces methane gas and fills up our landfills.

Brockton council heard from a company called FoodCycler that proposes a solution.

The Ottawa-based company is looking for municipal partners to participate in a pilot project that would provide a new option for dealing with organic waste.

Green bins are a solution geared to larger cities where processing facilities can function in a cost-effective manner. Backyard composting is cost-effective but seasonal – most people don’t compost in winter. And it isn’t feasible for apartment dwellers. That has left the landfill as the only option.

The FoodCycler unit doesn’t take up much space. About a kilogram of waste is placed in the removable bucket, and a few hours later, all that’s left is a few grams of a dry, odourless material you can sprinkle in your garden or house plants. Each cycle costs about 10 cents.

“Residents want to be part of the solution,” said company representative Christina Zardo. She referred to food waste as the “low hanging fruit” of the landfill problem.

What Zardo would like to see is Brockton residents participating in a 12-week pilot similar to one that took place in Nelson, B. C. That particular pilot involved 250 households, and it was so effective that Nelson decided to put a unit in every household, Zardo said.

She’d be looking for 100 or 250 households, who’d have a unit subsidized by the municipality. After the pilot, the participant would get to keep the machine.“Anything we can do to encourage diversion is a positive thing,” said Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak. Mayor Chris Peabody, who pioneered the green cone digester in Brockton, said he’d be looking for a motion to further investigate the pilot program and would be in touch with Zardo after the meeting.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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