Brits ‘would swap siestas for the pub’ says Peter Andre

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(Getty Images)

Peter Andre has said that proposals to introduce nationwide European-style siestas would not work in the UK because Britons would “go to the pub” instead of napping.

Speaking to Times Radio, the singer explained that he had previously pitched the idea to a friedn who works in No 10.

“They do it in Europe, they do it in so many countries around the world, but Australia, America and England don’t like this, why?” he asked the friend.

“And their answer to me was, ‘Well could you imagine we’ve given everyone a siesta in the UK, they’ve worked hard, it’s hot, they are going to go home and sleep? No, they are not. They are not going to go and have lunch and have an hour’s sleep and wake up and have an espresso and come back to work.’”

Andre, 49, continued: “He said that when they go the pub they can have quite a few drinks and they are not going to come back to work in the afternoon.

“And I thought that I kind of get that. That was their reasoning, is that the Brits will go to the pub, but I’d still push for it.”

The comments come after Andre denied considering legal action to stop Rebekah Vardy‘s claim his manhood was compared to a “chipolata” being repeated.

During the Wagatha Christie libel trial at the High Court in May between Vardy and Coleen Rooney, Ms Vardy was asked about her tell-all interview in which she claimed she had a fling with the former pop star in 2001.

Addressing the issue on Loose Women shortly after, Andre told the panel he was fed up with it being brought up again.

“It’s not the fact that something was said, because we all say stupid things. It’s because it’s brought up again and again and again, at some point you kind of go ‘OK’,” he said.

“It becomes more than just that. OK, we all say stupid things, everyone does. I’m sure I’ve said many stupid things in my life.”