Brits abroad with an anti-Brexit message

<span>Photograph: Alberto Pezzali/AP</span>
Photograph: Alberto Pezzali/AP

Tell Zoe Williams to invest in some witty T-shirts (As a Brit abroad post-Brexit, I wanted to wear a badge saying: ‘Don’t look at me – I didn’t vote for this!, 15 August). I have one that says “Don’t blame me, I voted remain”, which I wear in airport queues. I also have a cover for my much-despised blue passport that reads “Bollocks to Brexit”, which I always discuss with border officials on entering the EU. It usually raises a smile. And it is EU-coloured, of course. I also have a T-shirt that reads “Still European”. I fortunately obtained residency in an EU country in December 2020, just before the transition period.
Hilary Blumer

• There is a simple, cheap way for Zoe Williams to tell Europeans, on her next visit, that she voted remain – buy a small EU lapel badge pin online for a couple of pounds. We wore them on our gilets everywhere we went in Andalucía last winter – and at 5cm diameter they are small enough to sport on a bikini too!
Judi Fendley
New Malden, London

• We’d be happy to lend Zoe Williams our blue pin badges with EU stars circled round the edges and the legend “Don’t blame me – I voted in”. We’ve been wearing them for years, since they were kindly supplied by a lovely man, free of charge, via social media.
Amanda Smith

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