Britney Spears Posts Clip of Sam Asghari and Friend for the 'First Time,' Says She Hasn't Filmed Sons in 4 Years

The pop star gave a peek into life with her husband — who recently defended Spears — in a new Instagram video on Wednesday

Kevin Winter/Getty
Kevin Winter/Getty

Days after Britney Spears' husband Sam Asghari defended her on Instagram, the pop star shared a snippet of their life together with fans.

On Wednesday, Spears, 41, posted a short clip to her Instagram Stories of a hangout with Asghari, 29, and his friend. "First time with one of my hubby's friends!!!" she captioned the video.

"My boys are at that awkward age I haven't been able to shoot them for 4 years," she added. "@samasghari is sort of silly about it too ... it was cool to make contact yesterday !!!"

britney spears/instagram
britney spears/instagram

Earlier this week, Asghari seemingly slammed TMZ's recent documentary about Spears.

Sharing a video to his Instagram Story, the actor called out the "absolutely disgusting" ways in which those around Spears have "told her story like it was theirs."

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"The last thing I want to do is speak on my wife's behalf, I will never do that. I respect her privacy, that's why I don't talk as much," he said. "How are you gonna take the most influential person of our generation, the princess of pop, America's sweetheart, and put her in prison, where her father tells her what to do, what water to drink, who to see, and use her as a money-making machine and then all of a sudden, after 15 years, when she's free after all [that] gaslighting and all those things that went down, now you're gonna put her under a microscope and tell her story? No. That's also disgusting, so don't do that."

In November 2021, Spears' 13-year conservatorship was terminated — and the "Hold Me Closer" singer has regularly vented her frustrations since on social media, claiming she was "victimized" by the order at the hands of her family. (Her dad Jamie, mom Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn have all denied her allegations.)

A source recently told PEOPLE Spears is still adjusting to life after the end of her conservatorship, acknowledging the challenges the superstar has faced in the last year.

"She had been under lock and key for 13 years. Have there been ups and downs? Yes," the insider told PEOPLE. "But some of the amazing things she's done recently have all been her choice. She is a survivor. Despite whatever ups and downs she's going through, she remains a survivor."

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Spears also previously offered a public apology to her two sons, Jayden, 16, and Preston, 17, after Jayden gave an interview to the Daily Mail and ITV, saying it would "take a lot of time and effort" to repair their fractured relationship.

"I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better I really want to see her again," Jayden told the outlet. (Neither Jayden nor Preston attended Spears and Asghari's wedding.)

Addressing the boys' decision to not see her, Spears said in a since-deleted Instagram post that she had reservations of her own.

"I'm afraid to inform you guys, I'm not willing to see you until I feel valued," she said. "All I know is my love for my children is more than anything and I'm sorry if I ever hurt you guys in any way."

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