Brilliant Bills TD from Kelvin Benjamin overturned, nothing is a catch anymore

When is a catch not a catch? When it’s in an NFL stadium, apparently.

Another New England Patriots game, another question of what constitutes a catch in today’s NFL. The situation: the Buffalo BillsKelvin Benjamin reeled in a pass, stomped down his right foot, and dragged his left toe in the end zone. Touchdown, right?

Not so fast. The NFL reviewed the play and somehow determined that Benjamin was not in full possession of the ball while in bounds, bobbling the ball during the exact microsecond he was dragging his toe.

Here’s the NFL’s explanation:

And here’s the view of the NFL’s former head of officiating:

LeSean McCoy smelled something foul.


Every week brings a new way to microanalyze a catch, and every week half of a given game’s fans want to throw a brick through their televisions. The NFL’s got plenty of problems facing it, but determining what exactly counts as a catch ought to be right up there at the top.

This was not a catch, apparently. (Via screenshot)

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