Brides share wedding choices that ‘upset’ family members: ‘I chose to be barefoot’

Brides on TikTok are sharing the wedding decisions that made their family members upset.

People can make totally innocuous wedding choices and still get polarizing responses. TikToker @odditieinthemaking started a prompt asking people to post their nightmare stories. Of course, she began by sharing her own.

Wearing a black wedding dress infuriated her grandmother, she explained. Besides being upset over the dress not being white, the grandmother also expected the bride to wear her old wedding dress — even though it was the incorrect size.

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“Im STRICTLY enforcing an all-white dress code for the guests, because I wanna be the only one in black,” someone replied.

“I worked 2 full times jobs to fully pay for my wedding myself and my mom try to cancel my own wedding because I wouldn’t add the ‘Macarena’ to the music,” another said.

Another user shared that, at her wedding reception, she had every guest vote for their least favorite family member. Then, that person had to leave.

More users in the comments posted the wedding choices that angered their loved ones.

“I ticked my mom off because I chose to be barefoot for my entire wedding,” someone shared.

“We locked the doors right before I walked down the aisle so nobody would be walking in while I came in,” a TikToker replied.

“We ate our food really fast and bounced to our honeymoon 20 min into our wedding,” a person commented.

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