Bride and groom have ‘first look’ with their dog: ‘Warning for absolute adorableness’

A bride and groom included their dog in their wedding party. The photos are epic.

The TikTok account @rigbythebeagle is all about the couple’s beagle Rigby. The couple hired @sarahthorpephotography to do a “first look” with Rigby, and the pictures were stunning. Rigby got to have his own special moment with the bride and groom — and even a snappy outfit to boot.

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“We asked our wedding photographer if she would do a ‘first look’ for us with our dog,” the video text read.

Donning his wedding tuxedo, the groom opened the front door, and their dog ran out. Rigby turned the corner, and the bride was sitting on the grass in her giant wedding dress. Wagging its tail, the beagle jumped into the bride’s arms and gave her a few kisses.

The photographer captured each moment in stunning photos, including more pictures of Rigby wearing his own gray tuxedo and pink tie.

TikTokers fell in love with Rigby and his little outfit.

“If your dog isn’t part of your wedding day, what’s even the point of spending all that money?” a TikToker wrote.

“The tuxedo needed to come with a warning for absolute adorableness,” another said.

“Wait, is someone chopping onions? This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” a person added.

“I just love how normalized it has become to have your dog in your wedding. THIS WILL BE ME,” someone commented.

“I love this! Wish I would have thought of this at my wedding,” a user wrote.

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