Brian Williams' Punchline On Anti-Vaxxers, Anti-Maskers Is A Showstopper

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Brian Williams unleashed savage sign-off snark on his MSNBC news show Wednesday. (Watch the video below.)

As he was closing out “The 11th Hour,” the host ran a clip from The Recount of anti-vaccine and anti-mask protesters sounding off at local board meetings. Williams called such gatherings “the backbone of our country” and noted that the video featured “the most imaginative” speakers.

A vignette showed one man screaming about Nazis and infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. Then Williams riffed.

“Perhaps you remember your first edible,” he cracked before saying good night.

No mic drop necessary.

Here’s The Recount compilation in full:

Viewers joked about Williams’ deadpan dig ― and others noted that edibles are sometimes used for a calming effect.

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