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Breville Smart Ovens are down to record-low prices right now

A number of models, including the Air Fryer Pro, are up to 36 percent off.


If you’re tight on counter space, multi-purpose kitchen gadgets can come in handy by giving you one device that can do many things. The Instant Pot is a great example of this, as are Breville’s Smart Ovens that combine things like a toaster, broiler, air fryer and others into one machine. As with most Breville gear, the ovens are on the expensive side — but now you can get up to 36 percent off a bunch of Smart Oven models.

Breville's 13-in-1 countertop oven is back down to its Black Friday price.
$320 at Amazon
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$320 at Breville

The one we like the most is the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, which is down to $320 — that's the lowest we’ve seen and a return to its Black Friday price. The tabletop oven has 13 cooking modes, including dedicated air fryer and dehydrate settings. It’s not particularly compact with its one-cubic-foot interior, but that allows it to handle a whole turkey, an entire Dutch oven and most 9x13 sheets on which you could roast vegetables, air fry potatoes and more. If you can do without the proof, cookies and dehydrate settings, though, you could get away with the standard Smart Oven, which is on sale for an all-time low of $280.

Although those have “smart” in the name, they aren’t in the way you might be thinking. Breville’s true “smart” oven is the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro, which is on sale for $400. It takes the standard Pro model and adds WiFi and app connectivity to it in some pretty useful ways. You can set cooking timers in the app and it’ll alert you when your food needs attention, and you can even set the machine to certain cooking modes using Alexa or Google Assistant voice controls. The app also has “autopilot” recipes, which are guided recipes you can follow while the oven handles some of the process by changing modes and temperatures automatically.

The Joule is best for those who love to spend time in the kitchen and love experimenting with new tech, while the standard Smart Ovens are better for most people. If you have a tight budget, the cheapest option in this sale is Breville’s Mini Smart Toaster Oven, which comes in at $128. It does a lot more than toast bread with its additional bagel, bake, pizza, reheat, roast and cookie settings, and it comes in a more compact design. You’ll be able to fit four slices of bread it in, a six-cup muffin tin or an 11-inch pizza - smaller than either of the full-sized Smart Ovens, but still big enough to make it a versatile machine.

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