Brendan Perlini suffers brutal gash after taking skate to face

With the speed and intensity on display in your average NHL game, it’s no wonder that the potential for injury is never far away during any one shift. When additionally considering that each player is equipped not only with a weapon in their hands but blades on their feet, it’s equally a wonder that catastrophic injury isn’t already more common than it is.

The NHL, of course, has its share of stories of players being sliced in horrific manner via skate blade, from Clint Malarchuk in goal to Richard Zednik’s throat injury. You can dig those videos up at your own peril.

On Tuesday night, Detroit Red Wings forward Brendan Perlini took a gnarly-looking skate to the face from Henri Jokiharju of the Buffalo Sabres.

Perlini was rushed off the ice by a trainer with a towel over his face, and the footage of the skate hitting him in the face suggests that it is going to end in one ugly scar for the 23-year-old.

The Red Wings announced that he suffered a deep laceration to his nose, and that doctors immediately began the process of stitching his face up.

The timing represents a pretty immediate buzzkill for his season, as Perlini had just scored his first goal of the campaign on Saturday. He was traded to the Red Wings in October from the Chicago Blackhawks.

After the game, Perlini showed face — literally — to the media, showing off all the handiwork that went into keeping his nose attached to his face.


It could be much worse for Perlini, of course. His eyes were spared any damage and the stitches have kept his nose from going full Mr. Potato Head and detaching from his face. Minor victories.

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