Breastfed baby tries a bottle for the first time, and it did NOT go well

Breastfed baby tries bottle for the first time

Plenty of new parents know that making the transition from breastfeeding to the bottle can be challenging. One mom on TikTok is finding this out firsthand, sharing the hilarious reaction her daughter Charlie had upon trying a bottle for the very first time. In short, Charlie turned up the dramatics, leaving her poor mama not entirely sure how to proceed.

TikToker @scoobybear1 recently shared what happened when she gave Charlie, who’d been exclusively breastfed, her first bottle, and when you see it, you’ll understand why it’s garnered close to 3.5 million views in a matter of days.

First, Charlie seems stoked to snag some milk from her mom. But she quickly begins eyeing the mysterious bottle in front of her, before flat-out pushing it away from her own face. She then starts gagging in a most dramatic fashion, leaving mom totally reeling in the process.

Mom tries again two more times, and Charlie momentarily entertains the idea before rejecting it altogether. Cue more gagging and devastated faces—as well as some low-key middle finger action—much to the chagrin of her confused mom.

In her caption, Charlie’s mom joked, “I’ll stick to the main source of supply.” Of course, commenters found the entire debacle endlessly entertaining, with laughing emojis aplenty all over the place. “The BEEPS and then the GAGGING,” wrote one person. “The DRAMA!!” added another. “I was NOT expecting the gagging,” added yet another.

Others empathized with Charlie’s plight, while several fellow moms shared their own experiences with a little one refusing bottle service. One person wrote: “There is a BIG difference from dining AT my favorite restaurant to getting takeout out from the same exact restaurant. It’s just not as good honestly.”

“The gag! Mine would only take a bottle if I was out of the room/house. Otherwise wanted it straight from the tap,” shared one person. “My husband is the only one that can give our baby the bottle. If I’m in the room it has to fresh from the tap lol” wrote another. “My youngest wouldn’t take a bottle either. The sitter had to syringe feed her,” added yet another.

Poor Charlie’s mom shared not one but two follow-up videos trying different bottle brands, all with the same result. It seems Charlie’s a little lady who knows exactly what she wants, and good luck to the person who tries to stand in the way of her getting it. So precious!