Breaking Down Kylee Russell and Aven Jones's Shocking 'Bachelor in Paradise' Split and "Multiple Infidelities"

aven jones, kylee russell
Kylee and Aven's Wild 'Bachelor in Paradise' SplitCraig Sjodin - Getty Images

Not sure if you've been watching Bachelor in Paradise this season but things have taken a turn for the extremely dramatic.

Just two days after the finale showed Kylee Russell and Aven Jones departing as a couple, Kylee hopped on Instagram Stories and revealed that they've broken up due to infidelity.

"Following our relationship announcement yesterday, I want to thank my God he did not allow me to live another day in the dark," she said on Instagram Stories, via @bachelornation.scoop. "In the last 24 hours I have been grasping with the fact that one of the most important relationships in my life has dissolved due to multiple infidelities. This is not just a show but my real life and for the foreseeable future I will be in a time of healing and trying to put the puzzle pieces of my life back together. Please respect my privacy at this time."

Meanwhile, Aven responded with an apology, saying "After careful thought and consideration into writing this I want to first and foremost apologize to Kylee, my family and my friends for my actions. I have made major mistakes in the relationship and hurt someone who was very close to me. At this time, I am in an extremely extremely low place trying to work on myself. I am doing my best to find healing, find myself and be a better person. Please have grace and respect for Kylee and her family through this difficult time."

Truly not an ideal end to the season. Sending all the good gives to Kylee!

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