Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk's new show cancelled

bob odenkirk, lucky hank
Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk's new show axedAMC

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk has had his new show Lucky Hank axed after its first season aired.

The comedy drama followed a college professor during a mid-life crisis that constantly bordered on a full-on meltdown, and all the chaos that unfurled around that. It premiered in March and aired its last episode in May of this year.

Deadline has a quote from an AMC spokesperson that doesn't explain why the show was axed, but confirms that it won't be coming back: "We're proud of Lucky Hank and thankful for the work of everyone who brought this unique, playful and deeply human show to viewers, from the talented creative team to our partners at Sony and, of course, Bob, Mireille [Enos] and the entire cast and crew.

bob odenkirk, lucky hank

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"Unfortunately, we are not able to proceed with a second season, but we are glad these eight episodes exist on AMC+ and will continue to find new fans – or be seen again by viewers who come back to spend more time with Hank, Lily and the entertaining cast of characters at Railton College."

In the eight-part series, Enos starred as Hank's wife Lily, who started to question the choices she'd made in her own life.

This year has seen plenty of shows cancelled due to rising costs, and that was before the strikes in Hollywood that delayed the writing and production of a huge number of shows and films.

bob odenkirk, lucky hank

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Earlier this year, Odenkirk spoke about how he was nervous about how the series would do. He stated: "I get very, very anxious and I pour it into the work. Let's make it better. Let's ask what we can do better today.

"On the other hand, you do have to be willing to risk or you're not going to make anything."

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