"Break the Glass Slipper with Crista Beck" Launches - New Dating Podcast for Single Women

Dating Expert Crista Beck Will Host the First Podcast on October 8, 2020

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 8, 2020 / Crista Beck, a dating expert, coach, and matchmaker with over 10 years of experience, today announces her new podcast. "Break the Glass Slipper with Crista Beck" is designed for single women who want to create loving relationships that last.

To learn more about the podcast, which launches on October 8, 2020, please check out https://cristabeck.com/category/podcast/.

For decades, Disney and Hollywood have affected how single women approach dating. This "fairytale" approach has left too many women heartbroken or still single after years of searching for "the one."

In her new podcast, Beck reassures women that they can have the love they deserve. Each episode will expose a myth that holds single women back from finding the partner they truly desire. From Hollywood myths to height differences, Beck isn't afraid to touch on the "hot-button" issues that surround dating.

"Single women need support and love. It can feel so isolating to be out there in the online dating world," says Beck. "My new podcast shows women that they are not alone. It's not their fault that Hollywood myths have influenced their perspective on what makes a good relationship and how the dating process should go. My goal is to expose these myths so that single women can find a happy, fulfilling, long-lasting relationship."

"Break the Glass Slipper with Crista Beck" launches with three episodes:

Episode 1: How Safe Is Your Love Life from Hollywood? breaks down the fairy-tale fantasies from Hollywood that have affected single women's minds.

Episode 2: The REAL Secret to Online Dating. Tired of all the inauthenticity on dating apps? Beck shows how to find a real connection with a quality person in the online dating world.

Episode 3: Does Height Matter? Beck breaks down two surprising factors that could limit options for a dating partner.

About Crista Beck:

Crista Beck, The Love Radar, has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and TEDx. Her book, "Break The Glass Slipper: Free Yourself of Fairy Tale Fantasies And Find True Love In Real Life" is an Amazon Best Seller. Her message has been heard by over a million people globally. With over 20,000 hours of meditation as well as an award-winning violinist, Crista brings pure love to her 11-plus years as a love and dating coach and matchmaker. For more information, please visit https://cristabeck.com


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