Break Your Boring Burger Pattern With Onion Soup Seasoning

Burger and fries on plates
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Seasoning is perfect for flavor refinement, giving you precise control over the taste of each dish. If you have a decent selection in your spice rack, you'll find yourself able to enhance most meals. But spices don't just have to be from your salt shaker or your pepper grinder. Believe it or not, your soup seasoning can be used as an ingredient in lots of meals besides soup. It's great in all kinds of slow cooker roasts, in sandwiches, and it's perfect as the sole seasoning in your burgers.

If you love yourself a delicious onion burger, you can actually add onion soup seasoning to give it a similar flavor. Onion soup seasoning gives you a rich onion flavor and it'll also save you from having to figure out which spices to choose. And yes, you can totally add actual onions to the burger if you have them -- in fact, it's recommended.

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The Best Burgers To Make With Your Onion Soup Seasoning

Burger filled with onions
Burger filled with onions - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Burgers like Juicy Lucy's and Oklahoma-style onion burgers are rich in onion flavor. They're also the best types of burgers to make with your onion soup seasoning. In a traditional Juicy Lucy, you're not only adding cheese in the middle, you're adding a ton of caramelized onions on top. Just throw in your favorite onion soup seasoning when you're forming your patties for your burgers. Mix it in the same way you would any other spices before you throw it on the grill or stove.

In your Oklahoma-style onion burger, you'll be using lots of onions. Adding onion soup seasoning not only matches the actual onion flavor but adds even more of that onion soup-like taste that you're used to. Another great burger to do this with is the smokehouse burger, which calls for onions. There's no way to stress enough how good this one is, folks. You'll love that taste of onion soup seasoning mixed in with the flavors of bacon and cheddar -- you may enjoy it so much that you give it the legendary title of "Best Burger Ever."

Using Onion Seasoning Beyond Burgers

Beef roast in slow cooker
Beef roast in slow cooker - Grandriver/Getty Images

When it comes to onion soup seasoning, burgers are just the beginning -- you can add it to other delicious dishes, too. If you love slow cooker meals, you can add onion seasoning to your pork roast. After you've finished cooking it, you'll have pulled pork with a hint of onion soup seasoning that'll knock your socks off. You can also do this with your beef roasts and create sandwiches that will make your mouth water.

Baked chicken is also perfect to use with onion soup seasoning. If you love the taste of tender, juicy chicken with a lot of onion flavor, make sure you add some onion soup seasoning before you put it in the oven. You can also switch things up and go for a spicy baked chicken recipe using your onion soup seasoning -- either way, you'll love the taste. Beef stroganoff is another meal you'll love and it can be taken to a whole new level if you add onion soup seasoning. There are so many foods you'll love even more when you add a packet of onion soup seasoning to your meals.

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