Brandy Taps Into the Metaverse Chat With Futuristic Peppery Pink Tresses

After suffering from a few medical issues, singer Brandy got fans hyped with a surprise return to Instagram which sparked buzz of a potential music drop. However, beauty enthusiasts are stunned as the star looks like something in the metaverse with her bone-straight futuristic pink hair and bangs.

If you're not careful, you'd think the vocal bible is pulling a Beyoncé trick and dropping her notice of an album — but it's actually not even a real photo but the work of a graphic artist, Ozriy. Ozriy etched out the R&B legend in a gilded-golden bodysuit with peppery pink hair and fluffy bangs that are slightly curtain-drawn. The dark roots of the hair weave in and out of the tresses placed delicately behind her shoulders. In the second image, her hair is pulled in slimmer and the bangs are cut into an eyebrow-framing V-shape, serving android or nostalgic "B-Rocka" vibes. (If you know, you know.)

We generally don't see Brandy outside of her normal dark-colored mane or golden blonde braids, so it's surprising and refreshing the Ozriy was still able to capture her general essence and enhance her features with new elements. Maybe this could be a prelude to a surprise album? Either way, we're staying tuned.