A Brand New, Limited-Edition Oreo Is On Its Way

Package of churro-flavored Oreos
Package of churro-flavored Oreos - Oreo

Everyone knows that Oreos are great for dunking in cold milk, but the new, limited-edition flavor might be better suited for dunking in a thick hot chocolate. Oreo announced that its new churro-flavored, creme-filled cookies will hit shelves on March 27, 2024.

Meant to replicate the sweet, fried snack in Oreo form, this special release features a fried dough-flavored blonde cookie with churro-flavored creme; expect some cinnamon spiciness and crystalline crunch in the filling. If it's not hot chocolate season where you're eating your Oreos, the brand's TikTok announcement offers another idea: Dip them in chocolate ganache or dulce de leche.

The comment section of Oreo's Instagram announcement is already thinking ahead to the summer fair season, suggesting deep-fried churro Oreos. Without knowing how long this limited edition flavor may last, you'll need to stock up starting next Wednesday to make this dream a reality. Spread the word to your favorite State Fair booths.

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Same Name, Entirely Different Cookie

Oreo churro bites
Oreo churro bites - Sasakitime / Instagram

This new flavor is very different from and not to be confused with Oreo Churros, which first found its way into the world's grocery shelves back in 2015. Those cookies were shaped like churros with thin tubes of chocolate Oreo cookies with churro ridges and a standard Oreo creme center. Those bite-sized sweet snacks are currently only available on Amazon from a third-party seller in a 200-cookie case for $98. For a long time, the only way to enjoy Oreo churros was to make them at home.

A derivative of this new flavor debuted in 2019 as a mystery Oreo taste test guessing contest with a standard Oreo cookie featuring a churro-flavored creme. As a mystery release, the brand gave a $50,000 prize to one snacker who correctly guessed the flavor. This new limited edition churro Oreo pack doesn't come with any prizes, but there is at least one big winner — the person who commented on the 2019 Instagram mystery cookie announcement, begging Oreo to bring this flavor back as a regular offer. It isn't yet a standard rotation cookie, but it is back for now with a few updates.

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