The Bradys rode out the hurricane in Miami. But another storm’s brewing, reports say

Miami Herald file/AP

Together, but not.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen reportedly hunkered down during Hurricane Ian in Miami, but in separate residences, as per Page Six.

A source told the outlet that the supermodel is holed up with their two kids in a home they rented while their “Billionaire Bunker” ecomanse is being built, and the NFL legend is staying elsewhere.

On Monday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback discussed his pre-Ian game plan on his “Let’s Go!” podcast.

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“I don’t think that anyone’s really prepared for this,” Brady said, adding that he gathered up all his outdoor stuff and placed it inside, cluing viewers in that his current domicile that his wife and kids are holed up in is “on the bay.”

On his Instagram timeline, one post shows him on the patio of a waterfront home talking on the phone, so we’re thinking that’s the same digs.

“Hate when you’re hanging by the pool in your matching set and they call to go over the fitness test at training camp,” joked the post, which was promoting a new clothing line. Gisele is also seen on the same patio in a different post for her birthday in July.

“Enjoy your special day and I know this year will be your best year yet,” said the football star’s homage. “Thank you for inspiring me with your honesty and authenticity.”

Luckily, South Florida didn’t see much damage, just windy weather and rain. But Brady wasn’t taking any chances, he said on the podcast.

“They’re talking about pretty high storm surges and it’s a scary thing,” Brady said of the weather event that ended up devastating many areas of Southwest Florida Wednesday. “I will say that it’s a scary thing when it really hits your doorstep.”

Speaking of doorsteps: If Brady is in fact staying elsewhere in the Magic City, let’s hope that the California native was well protected against the elements there as well. As Tampa was destined to be hard hit, the team moved practice to the Miami Dolphins’ training facility here.

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Yes, unfortunately, divorce rumors continue to dog the power couple. At first, we heard issues arose due to Brady’s decision to unretire from his beloved sport, but a new report says their marital strife has nothing to do with his career choices.

“The problems are not due to his decision to play football again,” a source blabbed to Page Six. “Sometimes things are complicated.”