Brad Parscale says Trump would have 'won by a landslide' if he showed empathy during COVID

Stephen Proctor
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President Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, appeared on The Story With Martha MacCallum Tuesday night for his first post-election interview and offered his theory for why Trump lost the election. Parscale, who was fired from the campaign in July and later arrested in September in a video that quickly went viral, said that Trump’s attitude toward COVID-19 is to blame for his loss.

“One, two percent possibly we lost of suburban families, right? The men and women in the suburbs. Philly suburbs. Atlanta suburbs. I think that goes to one thing, and I think it was the decision on COVID to go for opening the economy versus public empathy,” Parscale said. “And I think a young family with a young child who were scared to take them back to school wanted to see an empathetic president and an empathetic Republican Party. And I think that— and I said this multiple times, and he chose a different path.”

President-Elect Joe Biden scored a massive victory over Trump in the election, garnering over 80 million votes, the most in U.S. history, and more than 6 million more votes than Trump. But Parscale believes that had Trump handled the pandemic differently, he would have coasted to re-election.

“We had a difference on this. I thought we should have public empathy. I think people were scared,” Parscale said, adding, “And I think if he would have been publicly empathetic, he would have won by a landslide. I think he could have leaned into it instead of run away from it.”

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