Brad Marchand reveals his Maritimes 'hidden gems'

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand joined Yahoo Sports to talk about his new role as spokesperson for Twisted Tea, where he goes for a good time on the East Coast and explain his chemistry with Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrnak. Twisted Tea has teamed up with the NHL to create a limited-edition Frozen Cherry flavour for hockey fans with Brad Marchand acting as the brand’s latest spokesperson for their newest flavour development.

Video Transcript

KYLE CANTLON: Just fill us in a bit on this Twisted Tea partnership you got going on and kind of tell the people why they should maybe throw a few of those back this weekend.

BRAD MARCHAND: Yeah. Yeah, I know I was really excited for the opportunity to work with Twisted Tea. I was first introduced to it about 10 years ago at a year end party [INAUDIBLE] had it stocked his fridge and I loved it. Went down so easy, so smooth. And it creeps up on you pretty quick.

So especially now with the new Twisted Tea Frozen Cherry, I mean, just a whole new addition to the mix. Incredible taste and flavor. I stocked my fridge up with it right away after I tried it. I love it in the summertime and stuff. That's my go to. So yeah, ever since then when I first tried it, I loved it. So as soon as the opportunity came up I couldn't pass it up.

KYLE CANTLON: And I'm heading to the East Coast this summer on a little friend's [? roadie ?] for a couple of weeks. And I'm just kind of curious, what are a hidden gem kind of spot or two in the Maritimes you would recommend grabbing a case of Twisteds and checking out?

BRAD MARCHAND: So there's a couple of spots. There's a spot called The Goat down there. That's a really good one. Go check Goat. I would do that. And then Durty Nellie's is a really good one as well. That's a good one. And then got to finish at the Ale House. Go Durty Nellie's, Ale House, and you're going to have a great time.

KYLE CANTLON: So that's the routine right there. That's the order.


KYLE CANTLON: All right, sounds good. And I love it. Speaking of good time with your friend obviously, you three have been split up a little more often to season to balance out your lineup a bit. But over the past few seasons obviously you, Bergeron, and Pastrnak have been one of, if not the best line in hockey. And I'm just curious aside from the obvious chemistry you guys have found, what do you think has made you guys such an elite dangerous trio over not just one season, not two, but for such a long time?

BRAD MARCHAND: I think part of it is there's an accountability that we have. We're pretty hard on one another. More Past and myself. Bergie, Bergie just holds himself to such a high standard every day. He pulls us into it each day. Like we don't want to let him down. So we need to be good. We have a team that works. And we compete very hard every single day in practice.

And it just translates in the game. We have guys that are very accountable, are always trying to get better. And same with the coaching staff. They don't let us slip at all. It's like every day they're honest.