Brad Marchand has already planted a kiss on Leo Komarov

Brad Marchand is doing Brad Marchand things. (Getty)

Brad Marchand wasted little time doing what Brad Marchand does in the Boston Bruins’ opening-round series with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

That is, he’s already scored a beautiful goal. And he’s already kissed Leo Komarov.

A mere handful of shifts after scoring the series’ icebreaker with a tidy move on Frederik Andersen after he strode in on by the lead-footed Roman Polak, Marchand stole a moment with Komarov as the two found themselves mixed up between benches.

What came of the rendezvous?

This totally weird smooching motion, and a whisper for Komarov and Komarov only.

If you remember, Marchand was a little more assertive in a previous encounter with Komarov this season, landing an actual kiss on his cheek.

Somehow he avoided having his block knocked off then, too.

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