BPM Marketing LLC: Success, Social Media, and The Future of Political Marketing

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2021 / We're living through unprecedented times. With social media on the rise and a chaotic age keeping us glued to our phones, many industries are undergoing significant changes in order to keep up with the turbulent times. Surprising trends have been observed in a wide range of industries. One such industry is the political marketing field, which has begun to take full advantage of social media's ability to reach and influence voters.

These changes represent an exciting opportunity for investors and companies with an eye for innovation. BPM Marketing LLC recognized these trends early on, and it has played a significant role in the advancement of the advertising and political marketing industries over the past several years. Now, the BPM team believes that even bigger changes are coming at the intersection of marketing, media, and politics.

Changing the Political Marketing Game

BPM Marketing LLC was founded on entrepreneur Rich "Primo" Castaldo's ten years of experience as a consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Traditional marketing quickly spilled over into political consulting, and today, there are multiple arms of the company that handle retail, online, political, and government business. BPM has a wide range of responsibilities: building sales funnels, managing internal marketing programs for businesses, consulting political campaigns, copywriting, public relations work, IT, social media management, and more. As the company began to branch out into other areas, BPM brought with it many effective marketing strategies from the business world into the political sphere.

One of the most prominent of these strategies was called split testing, which BPM claims to have taken to "a new level" in the political realm. Split testing in political marketing involves testing several different pictures of a candidate on different ads and measuring audience reactions and engagement to find the most effective version of the ad. For many campaigns, this would yield eye-opening results; in BPM's experience, most candidates' least favorite photos of themselves would often receive the greatest amount of acclaim from viewers. This approach allowed BPM to help candidates test a wide variety of different creative approaches, messages, ads, and social media campaigns. The team's skills with split testing and data collection seem to have significantly contributed to the success of the business.

Struggles and Success During a Pandemic: Picking Yourself Back Up

The pandemic changed everything. It slowed demand and productivity at BPM for several months, during which time the team was forced to pivot to other projects (notably a PPE exchange site called mycovidhelper and a live debate platform called Debately). Still, the pandemic couldn't stop BPM from picking itself back up. The business quickly went from a pre-pandemic profit of $200k per year to being on pace to hit almost a million dollars in revenue in 2021. This is an impressive feat, especially given the considerable adversity the company has faced.

Filling a Void for the Future

BPM has some fairly outrageous goals for the future, but feels that there's no point in making a goal if it isn't outrageous; otherwise, anyone could do it. They have come to find that the greatest satisfaction you can find in business is not in making money, but in launching cutting-edge companies that can actually help people. That's why the team is always looking to see what there is out there, finding voids in the market, and working to understand the needs of our changing society.

The New Age of Marketing, Political or Otherwise

Social media is a big deal in our society, and it's beginning to play a much bigger role in our political arena. Many campaigns are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to expand their reach. As for what the future holds, BPM believes that in the coming days, we're going to see the digital marketing and direct response field really connect with the political industry. With so many candidates and campaigns using platforms like social media to reach voters, we can expect to see an amalgamation of new marketing techniques that are coupled with data, research, and are packaged for a politician. The political industry is going to move towards a much more digital, advanced, microtargeted industry.

This isn't the only change on the horizon. The social media and influencer market is quickly becoming saturated, which will more than likely spark a change in general marketing, as the intense focus on social media will open up space for other forms of advertising. "It's possible that we'll see a lot of traditional marketing with a new flair come back," Castaldo postulates. "Whether it be billboards or mail advertising, I think we're going to see a return to the roots before the industry goes through another cycle." Whatever the future may hold, this is an exciting time for the marketing industry, and astute investors should be on the lookout for companies that break the mold.


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