‘The Boys’ actor Erin Moriarty calls out Megyn Kelly, says she’s leaving Instagram

Actor Erin Moriarty announced on Instagram that she’s stepping away from the app — but before she goes, she is using the site to correct an accusation by ex-Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Moriarty, who stars in Prime Video’s award-winning series “The Boys,” fired back at Kelly in a lengthy typed-out post shared on Friday.

“There’s no excuse for these horrific allegations, the verbal abuse that I have had to delete, and genuinely false information that is being used to perpetuate a message that is exhibitionist feminism,” she wrote.

The post was in response to Kelly taking aim at Moriarty during a conversation on a Jan. 17 episode of her “Megyn Kelly Show” podcast. Kelly cited Moriarty as an example of a young person choosing plastic surgery as a way to improve their looks.

“More and more young women are doing this,” Kelly said. “It’s not about an objection to plastic surgery. It’s about an obsession with turning yourself into this fake version of yourself.… I find it like a sign of mental illness. I really want to get in the heads of these young girls and say, ‘Please don’t do this.’”

Kelly showed two separate photos of Moriarty in an attempt to highlight the differences in her appearance at different times as evidence of serious surgery.

Moriarty claimed that one picture Kelly used was from approximately a decade ago, before she was of legal drinking age, despite Kelly saying it was from just a year ago.

“How utterly misinformed, inaccurate, and clickbait seeing people who we follow and consider to be informed is appalling,” the actor added.

“You don’t have to believe me when I say that these videos are absolutely false. But the way that this has been spoken about, the way that I have been spoken to, I will not accept,” she said. “This is becoming harassment. This is becoming false news.”

Moriarty said she is now leaving Instagram and social media in general, and that the only reason she hasn’t deactivated her account is because she wants people to see her statement.

“Otherwise, consider it deactivated. I will not have access to it for an extensive, if not permanent, break,” she added.