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Boyfriend goes viral for ‘sweet’ homemade directions for girlfriend

A couple on TikTok went viral after the girlfriend shared the detailed directions her boyfriend gave her to get out of the train station.

The boyfriend took 10 pictures of the exact path she’d take to leave the station and drew red arrows to give precise instructions.

Her video currently has over 21 million views, 3 million likes and thousands of comments saying how much people adore this act.

“No bc that’s so sweet I’m in literal tears he has set my standard I also have no sense of direction,” said @holic.yz.

“This is a love language and you can’t convince me it’s not,” replied @adzkartss_.

“This is the cutest thing ever,” said @t0reye.

Lana (@lana.francesca) made a follow-up video to explain why her boyfriend did it.

“Traveling to new places, I can get a bit nervous and he knows that, so he tries to help me out when he can,” she said.

The two were heading to a date but couldn’t meet up prior.

“I know how to use maps,” she said. “But there’s no map to get out of the building. It will say exit the station, but the exit I needed to go out was hidden. …So he went up that morning to take the pictures, made the map, sent it to me and I followed suit.”

Now that over 20 million people have seen the video and noted their raised standards, partners everywhere should expect to make personal maps for their person.

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