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Boyfriend gets caught cheating on couples’ cruise security cameras: ‘Most gut-wrenching moment’

A woman on TikTok says she caught her ex cheating on her in real-time and was lucky enough to get the receipts so she could immediately confront him about it.

According to Kayla Gardner (@kayla.nicole.g), she was on a cruise with her boyfriend and another friend when the whole thing went down. And looking back now, she can easily say it was “the most gut-wrenching moment” of her life.

One night, when her boyfriend was hungry, he decided to leave their cabin to get some food. Kayla and her friend stayed behind as they finished getting ready, but while the two women were hanging out, Kayla’s friend happened to pick up the remote and flip through the channels.

Eventually, she landed on a live feed of various areas of the ship, which were captured by cameras posted throughout the cruise liner to show passengers what was going on on each deck. But as the two women looked closer, it became clear that a man in one of the videos was her boyfriend — and he certainly wasn’t alone.

According to Kayla, her boyfriend “was not getting food,” but he was getting another woman’s number. She could tell by their body language that he was flirting with her and when he put his arm around the girl, that pretty much sealed the deal.

While Kayla stood there in shock, her friend recorded the screen so she’d have some receipts. She even uploaded that video later, just to prove it happened.

But as she waited for her boyfriend to return so she could confront him about what she’d seen, Kayla only made herself more upset by watching the clip a million times and reliving that terrible moment “over and over, again.”

In the comments, people were truly angry about what happened to her.

“Oh girl…I don’t know whether or not to congratulate you both on being a genius or apologize,” one person wrote.

“Sorry,” said someone else. “That’s awful. Silver lining? You see him for what he is and can aim for better.”

Others couldn’t fathom why the boyfriend would cheat on her in the first place, since they said she was both “beautiful” and “stunning.”

And then some just took a moment to send her some comforting words of wisdom and encouragement.

One person called it “divine intervention,” while others said the universe must have had her back.

Many others simply reminded her that if those were her boyfriend’s true colors, she was better off without him anyway.

“You’ll find someone you deserve,” one person reminded her.

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