#BoycottTimHortons: Tim Hortons' alleged vaccine mandate for campers inspires criticism, praise online

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#BoycottTimHortons: Tim Hortons' alleged vaccine mandate for campers inspires criticism, praise online

An apparent vaccine mandate for children attending Tim Hortons Foundation camps sparked rumblings of a boycott of the coffee chain over the weekend.

The hashtag #BoycottTimHortons was trending in Canada, sparked by an online petition that claims the coffee chain’s camps require campers to be vaccinated in order to attend. Many also took to the hashtag to come to the defence of the company’s decisions or highlight some of its alleged malpractices.

The boycott steamed from an article published in late April by Tamara Ugolini on Rebel News. The article includes an email it claims to be from the Foundation's registration coordinator, in which she writes:"Due to the challenges and risks that COVID-19 continues to pose we at Tims Camps have made the decision that all staff and campers must be fully vaccinated to attend camp this summer."

From there, a petition was launched on Rebel Media, claiming the decision by the company is “cruel and unwarranted” and is “barring those in need from attending their camps based on a private medical decision.” To date, the petition has 19,606 signatures.

Yahoo Canada News reached out to both Tim Hortons and the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps for comment and verification on their vaccination policy for campers but has yet to hear back.

The hashtag gave light on how divisive the issue of vaccinate mandates continues to be across the country.

Some pointed out that some campers attending the camp could be immunocompromised.

Others used the hashtag to criticize the company for other issues.

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps was founded in 1974 and aim to serve teens, aged 12-16, from underserved communities. While campers get to experience traditional outdoor camping activities, like canoeing and overnight expeditions, they also attend workshops on practical things like creating a budget and building a career path.

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