Bose Unveils Direct-to-Consumer Soundcontrol Hearing Aids for People With Moderate Hearing Loss

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American tech giant Bose has announced the launch of its first hearing aid dubbed SoundControl Hearing Aids that aim to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The company says that the device is the first US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared, a direct-to-consumer hearing aid that is available without a prescription. The hearing aids feature an in-ear design and come inside a neat case. Users can pair the device with Bose Hear app and control sound via SoundControl Hearing Aid for “clinically proven, audiologist-quality results.” The app for iOS and Android will allow users to manually control volume, treble and bass, and use different modes. There’s also a “Focus” mode with different settings, including a “Front” setting for filtering noise in busy rooms and an “Everywhere” mode that allows all sounds during walks outside or around the house. Quality hearing aids are generally expensive (both in the US and India), and Bose wants to remove the hassle of visiting a doctor to get a prescription for its SoundControl Hearing Aids that are deemed relatively affordable.

However, the hearing aids by Bose hearing aids are still not cheap as expected, and they carry a price tag of $849.95 (approx Rs 65,500), as per The Verge. The company adds the device will also offer one-on-one video appointments with Bose Hear Product Experts through the Bose Hear app to get personalised help and guidance at no extra cost. Currently, the company is selling the product in five American states and the global availability details, including for the Indian market remain unclear. The Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids feature a behind-the-ear, receiver-in-canal design and each bud weighs roughly three grams. The aids also come with two microphones, one tiny speaker, and a standard 312 zinc-air battery. The packaging includes eight batteries are included in total, and one lasts up to four days when used 14 hours daily. There’s also a ‘world volume’ button integrated on the housing for convenient, quick control. The SoundControl Hearing Aids are water-resistant to survive light exposure to rain or water and come with a small case for storage and transport.

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