Boris Johnson takes second foreign holiday in a fortnight

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has taken his second holiday in a fortnight, it has emerged after he and Carrie were spotted in a Greek supermarket.

The Prime Minister and his wife were filmed shopping for groceries in Nea Makri, a coastal town near Athens.

Footage published by the Greek news website "In" showed Mr Johnson, dressed in a white shirt, a navy-blue blazer and brown trousers, cheerily greeting a local who was filming him as he walked around the supermarket aisles.

Accompanied by security guards, he was then filmed scanning a number of items at the self-checkout before loading them into an SUV and heading off.

It is not his first visit to Greece, having been photographed on a beach on the island of Trikeri in 2016.

Mr Johnson has been accused of being "missing in action" and presiding over a “zombie government” in the past few weeks amid the growing cost-of-living crisis.

Earlier this month, Mr and Mrs Johnson visited an eco-hotel in the remote Kokra Valley in Slovenia for a belated honeymoon.

'Inner balance'

They returned last Sunday, having stayed at the Vila Planinka, a five-star boutique hotel that promises guests the opportunity to “slow down, harmonising your rhythm with your inner balance”.

It meant Mr Johnson and Nadhim Zahawi, his Chancellor, were both out of the country on August 4 when the Bank of England announced the biggest interest rate rise for 27 years and forecast a recession later this year. Mr Zahawi was working during his holiday abroad.

A Labour spokesman accused Mr Johnson of treating his final weeks in office, before a new Conservative leader is unveiled on September 5, as “just one big party”.

“On the evidence of the last few months, it seems to make little difference if the Prime Minister is in the office or on holiday,” the spokesman said.

Downing Street declined to comment on Mr Johnson’s whereabouts.