Bonner Springs police capture runaway camel Sunday after all-day pursuit

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Bonner Springs Police Department

Officers in Bonner Springs spent the “entire day” Sunday pursuing a loose camel, which made its way onto a highway and into neighborhoods, before it was captured and reunited with its owners, police said.

On Facebook, the Bonner Springs Police Department said officers chased the camel on golf carts at a course in the morning. The animal later took a “leisurely jaunt” on K-7 before it was caught in the 600 block of North Nettleton Avenue, which is a few blocks west of the Kansas highway.

Officers and animal control employees “finally” apprehended the camel by lasso, police said in the post.

“The camel was reunited with its owners and will go back to doing camel things,” the department wrote.

A handful of people responded to the department’s post to say they saw the camel run through yards or on the highway. Several users posted videos of it.

“I was so happy to hear it was safely captured!” one woman wrote. “I was outside when it ran down the street and had to do a double take! Beautiful animal!”

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