Bombshells cause drama in the villa on Love Island

The arrival of bombshells Ellie Spence and Spencer Wilks has created fresh drama with the islanders on the latest episode of Love Island.

Ellie, a 25-year-old business development executive at a law firm, entered the villa in South Africa on Thursday and chose Ron Hall to couple up with.

On Friday, financial adviser Ron, 25, told make-up artist Lana Jenkins, who he was previously seeing in the villa, that Ellie has no “chance of swaying” him away.

However, when he was getting to know Ellie on the couch, he said Lana was not his “girlfriend” and he wanted to get to know the people he “finds attractive”.

He later came back to Lana and told her he would be getting to know Ellie.

Lana said she was “out” for now as she did not want to be in a “trio situation” and she was not “second best”.

Following a one-to-one date at the Villa’s new treehouse with Ellie, Ron told her: “I just don’t feel like there’s like a major spark between us that will change the way I feel about Lana.”

He then told Lana: “You are on my mind all the time, you are my priority. I haven’t cared about someone like this for a very long time, if at all.”

Lana, 25, said: “I spoke to Spencer tonight. He wants to get to know me and I said ‘I’m open to getting to know him’, not that I should tell you this because you don’t deserve it, but I said that ‘you’re my number one priority in here’.”

The pair then shared a kiss and a cuddle.

Meanwhile, model and property developer Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown was worried that Tom Clare, a semi-pro footballer, would have his head turned by Ellie.

Tom told Ellie, as they sat chatting on the sofa, he wanted to “get to know her” and called her a “fit and an attractive girl”.

Zara was later tearful as she confronted Tom over his chats with Ellie and not speaking to her over the course of the day.

Tom told her: “We’re not exclusive, you are what I’m looking for, you have got all my energy.”

Elsewhere, Olivia Hawkins, a 27-year-old actress, and 24-year-old e-commerce owner Spencer also had a date in which he said they had “good chemistry”.

During the episode, the contestants also received a text, which read: “Islanders, The Hideaway Retreat is open tonight, please choose a lucky couple to spend a luxury night away #NightAwayWithBae.”

The group chose biomedical student Tanya Manhenga, 22, and airport security officer Shaq Muhammad to stay in the plunge pool and candle lit terrace where they danced and shared a room overnight.

Afterwards, Shaq, 24, said he was on “cloud nine” to the boys.

In a game of dares, which is unlocked by Islanders popping balloons, Olivia was dared to kiss the two Islanders that she thinks are most attracted to her.

First, Olivia picks Tom, who she previously shared a connection with, followed by Spencer.

Spencer then had to kiss the three women he found sexiest in the villa, and he chooses hair-stylist Tanyel Revan, 26, Lana and Olivia.

Tom, 23, is then dared to name the three Islanders that would make up his perfect partner and he chooses Olivia for face, 25-year-old Zara for body and Lana for personality.

In another dare, Olivia opts for Tom and Zara as the least compatible and Shaq and Tanya as the most compatible.

Zara then appears to pick Olivia as the least trustworthy and Lana as the most trustworthy.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.