Bolivia, Peru tussle over a traditional dance


This traditional Andean dance

has caused a diplomatic row

'La Morenada' is known as the

Dance of the Black Slaves

Both Bolivia and Peru claim it as their own

NAME: Sabina Orellana, Bolivian Culture Minister

"We will go to UNESCO to request the international protection of the cultural heritage of our dances because of their inalienable and imprescriptible quality."

Bolivia says the dance comes

from its own city of Oruro

But the Peruvian city of Puno says

it's part of their cultural heritage


NAME: Alejandro Neyra, Peruvian Culture Minister

"There's an array of artistic forms that know no borders. We are not trying to steal the origin nor the exclusivity of this dance that has its own unique characteristics here in Puno, which are surely different from those in Bolivia. We respect those differences but we are always willing to collaborate and to [open a] dialogue for this artistic form which is somehow from the Andean highlands to extend beyond territories and borders so it can continue to grow."

'La Morenada' blends

African and indigenous elements

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