Boise-area angler smashes Idaho fishing record for grass carp with 46-pound fish

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A Meridian angler’s recent catch blew state records out of the water, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said in a news release.

Cris Endicott landed a 46.7-pound grass carp, a large freshwater fish species from Asia, while fishing the Snake River on Oct. 10 with a twin-tail bass jig. Endicott’s catch took the state weight record for rod-and-reel grass carp, but it also dwarfed the record for archery-caught and catch-and-release fish of the same species.

Endicott’s carp measured 50 inches long — 10 inches longer than the catch-and-release record of 40 inches. The archery record was 39.5 pounds and 40.63 inches long.

According to Fish and Game, grass carp aren’t as prevalent in the area as common carp, which are numerous in Southwest Idaho. Another Treasure Valley angler, Boisean Henry Charlier, set the common carp weight record earlier this year with a 34-pound fish — also pulled from the Snake River.

Though several species of carp are considered invasive in Idaho, common and grass carp are not.

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