Boil Eggs In Broth For A Delicious Flavor Upgrade

Person boiling eggs
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When you need a filling breakfast but don't want to spend too long in the kitchen hard or soft-boiled eggs are a great choice. They're full of protein and taste delicious whether you enjoy them simply sprinkled with salt, or paired with buttery toast for dipping. If you already love your eggs prepared this way, there's a trick you should about to give them a bit of extra flavor -- boiling them in broth. Although an eggshell is tough and might seem impenetrable to outside flavors, it's porous, so boiling it in broth will infuse it with new flavor profiles. The result is an egg that's got new complexity.

Broth-infused boiled eggs are perfect for eating on their own, or in place of regular boiled eggs in many recipes. Imagine a more flavorful egg salad sandwich or savory sliced boiled eggs on top of a Cobb salad. You can experiment with eggs boiled in rich, flavorful broth anywhere you'd use plain boiled eggs.

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What To Know About Boiling Eggs In Broth

Pot of broth
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When boiling eggs in broth, consider what kind of broth you want to use. A simple bone broth has nutrients like collagen and minerals that may get absorbed by your eggs. At the same time, it has a rich flavor and a sweet finish that will enhance the taste of the eggs. Besides bone broth, you can also experiment with chicken, beef, fish, and vegetable broths. Or, you could use a Cajun seafood boil broth. Each broth comes with distinct flavors, so think about what tastes you're going for in the final dish. Do you want something with salty, umami flavors or are you going for a light, slightly sweet seafood taste?

Once you've chosen your ideal broth, bring it to a boil, and then add your eggs. Let them cook as usual, leaving them in for between 6 and 10 minutes, depending on how runny you want your yolks. Then, remove them from the heat, shock them in ice water, and use them in any recipe in place of regular boiled eggs.

Other Liquids To Upgrade Your Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs in soy sauce
Boiled eggs in soy sauce - Nikada/Getty Images

Broth isn't the only liquid you can use to enhance the flavor of boiled eggs. You can also boil your eggs in soy sauce for a salty, umami punch. Another option is to simply infuse your boiling liquid with flavors via teabags, bay leaves, or other herbs. These ingredients can help infuse your eggs with light, subtle flavors. Or keep things simple and just add a dash of vinegar and salt to the water for nicely seasoned boiled eggs (that are easier to peel).

Another option is to infuse your boiled eggs with a liquid marinade after cooking. Classic drunken eggs are marinated in a sweet, salty soy sauce mixture for 24 hours. Or try making beet-pickled deviled eggs for a vibrantly pink and deliciously tangy appetizer. Feel free to play around with different ingredients to see which imparts the best flavor to your eggs, and what works well in certain recipes.

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