Body of a 13-year-old boy recovered from Jordan Lake

Chatham County authorities are urging the importance of water safety after a child’s body was recovered at Jordan Lake.

Kevin Lopez, 13, of Locust, N.C., drowned at Parkers Creek Beach at the lake around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

Lopez may have been swimming at the time of the incident, a sheriff’s spokesperson said. His body was found in the water about an hour after he drowned.

Investigators do not suspect any foul play.

Lopez is the ninth person to drown at Jordan Lake this year.

A woman’s body was pulled from the water near the Farrington Point Boat Ramp on Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators are seeking information about the woman’s identity and do not believe her death was self-inflicted or an accident.

Details about how the woman died are unclear.

Water safety at Jordan Lake

Chatham County Sheriff Mike Roberson stressed the use of life jackets while swimming at the lake.

“Water can be dangerous if we do not prepare for the hazards it can create,” he said in a news release. “Our goal is to ensure that those enjoying the lake return home safely.”

The Sheriff’s Office recommends visitors to:

  1. Always have an adult watching children near water. Drowning can happen quickly and silently.

  2. Stay in designated swimming areas.

  3. Enroll in swimming lessons.

  4. Avoid alcohol and impairing drugs when participating in water activities.

  5. Keep an eye on weather conditions and avoid water activities during storms or adverse weather.

  6. If boating, ensure all safety equipment, including life jackets, is onboard in good condition. Follow boating regulations and guidelines.