Bodies Bodies Bodies star Rachel Sennott waited five years to tell Seth Meyers a story about one of his interns

Rachel Sennott has achieved one of her life’s goals by telling Seth Meyers a racy story involving one of his former interns.

In May, the Bodies Bodies Bodies star shared a tweet she’d posted manifesting her future appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

It reads: “If I ever go on Seth Meyers I’m going to tell him that I gave my first b***job to a guy who was an intern there and I picked him bc I thought interning at Seth Meyers was cool.”

On Wednesday (28 September), Sennott made her debut guest appearance on the talk show, informing Meyers that she’s waited nearly five or six years to share her NSFW story.

“This [happened] before I’m in the business,” she clarified, explaining that she grew up “pretty religious” and at one point vowed to wait until marriage for sex.

It wasn’t until later when Sennott went to New York University that she said her college friends felt like she needed to lose her virginity or at “least give a b***job”.

“We’re on Tinder, and I see a photo of a young man standing with you [Meyers],” she laughed. “And I was like whoever’s getting salads for him, that’s the guy I’m going to b***.”

Sennott showed Meyers her tweet, asking how he felt “knowing the pictures he takes with his interns will inevitably become one of their dating profile pictures”.

“Well look, I’m incredibly honoured and flattered to play even a very small part in this story,” he joked. “It never even occurred to me when I throw my arms around, uh, the bringers of salad, for the photo that you’re just planting a seed of a beautiful tree.”

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Bodies Bodies Bodies is out now.