Bobby McMann playoff ready, playing like he belongs

Bobby McMann has made the most of his opportunity since being called up from the Marlies to play on Toronto’s third line alongside Pierre Engvall and David Kampf. The 26-year-old's speed and size have stood out in the five Maple Leafs games he's dressed for in January, leading some to suggest Sheldon Keefe should consider McMann playoff ready.

Video Transcript

- His name is Bobby McMann, and, man, is he good. I mean, earlier in the season, I talked about how awesome it was for the Leafs to finally have a prospect to come out of nowhere and play games regularly. That in Pontus Holmberg. And it looks like they found another one because Bobby McMann has given the Leafs, the coaching staff literally no reason for him to come out of the lineup.

He hits. He's aggressive on the boards. He's a great puck retriever. He attacks the net. He attacks the crease. If he sees the puck, he's going for it. He makes his linemates better. The line with Kampf and Engvall has been great. They've had a lot of looks since McMann has been on the team.

And it's almost as if he's playing playoff hockey in the regular season. He's just heavy to play against. And it's so fun to watch him. So I don't know what's going to happen after the trade deadline. I don't know what moves Kyle Dubas is going to make. But, like, at this point, if the playoffs started, like, tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if McMann plays.

I mean, again, he hasn't given the Leafs any reason to not take him out of the lineup. He hasn't had any major turnovers. There hasn't been any games where you just don't notice him and he disappears. I haven't seen that at all from McMann. So that's awesome for him, and I'm really interested to see, you know, what else he can bring to the roster.

Also, I'm interested to see when and how great his first NHL goal is going to look like because he had one. It got taken away. Hopefully, the next one goes a lot better.