Bobby Brazier will 'definitely' with his dad Jeff Brazier for Soccer Aid

Bobby Brazier is training with his old man for Soccer Aid credit:Bang Showbiz
Bobby Brazier is training with his old man for Soccer Aid credit:Bang Showbiz

Bobby Brazier will “definitely utilise training” with his dad Jeff Brazier for Soccer Aid.

The ‘EastEnders’ star is the son of TV presenter Jeff, 45, and the late ‘Big Brother’ icon Jade Goody - who passed away aged 27 in 2009 from cervical cancer - and as he gears up to take part in Soccer Aid, admitted that his dad had had a huge influence on his pitch skills.

The 21-year-old actor - who also has 19-year-old brother Freddie - told the Daily Star’s Hot TV column: “My dad is a good footballer.

“He’s always coached my teams growing up, and we always developed as a team.

“I will definitely utilise training with him.

“He’s on me to get training and get into peak fitness for the match.

“We went to the gym recently and he put me through a tough session.

Bobby - who is playing alongside Usain Bolt, Maisie Adam, Roman Kemp and Lee Mack at Stamford Bridge - admitted that Jeff is probably “more excited” for him to hit the pitch with

He said: “I think my dad is more excited than I am.

“He’ll be in the stands on the day and wouldn’t miss it! I think he’s living through me when it comes to Soccer Aid.”

The former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant recently revealed that he wanted to be turfed off the BBC One Latin and ballroom competition as the loss of his mum made him “shy” and how much he struggled with fame., even though he ended up in the final.

Bobby told the Sunday Times: “I don't want to be famous. Maybe I did when I was younger, now I just want to act. I went on Strictly because dancing makes me happy.

'The more I learn about fame, the less I'm interested in it. A couple of weeks during Strictly, it got too much. I only felt peace when I came home. I wanted to get voted off.

'What happened to me was very public. It made me shy as a kid. I was more interested in observing the world than engaging in it.”