Bobbi Brown’s ‘Most Important Makeup Tip’ For Women Over 45 Is A Game-Changer

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Photo credit: Robin Marchant - Getty Images
Photo credit: Robin Marchant - Getty Images

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  • Bobbi Brown recently shared her top makeup tips for women over 45.

  • She also shared her go-to products for hydrated and shimmering skin from her brand, Jones Road Beauty: the Miracle Face Balm and Jones Road Beauty’s Shimmer Face Oil.

  • “As we get older we want to make sure the texture on the skin looks smooth, looks even, and doesn’t look cakey,” Brown says.

Bobbi Brown is known for being a beauty wiz, and lately she’s been sharing some serious game-changing intel. The makeup mogul recently delivered beauty advice for women with gray hair and makeup tips for rosacea. Now, she’s sharing the “most important makeup tip” for women over 45—and this time, she’s leaning into moisture.

Brown recently reposted a Tiktok video to her Instagram with the caption: “Choose formulas that are right for your skin and make you look better. And for me it’s a moisturizing formula.”

In the original Tiktok video the beauty pro says: “The most important makeup tip I can give to women over 45 is to use products that are moisturizing and not drying,” and continues to explain and demonstrate exactly why moisture is skin’s best friend.

“As we get older we want to make sure the texture on the skin looks smooth, looks even, and doesn’t look cakey,” Brown explains. “And I definitely believe that moisture is the way to do it.” The makeup artists recommends starting with a hydrating moisturizer to prep the skin, using a hydrating foundation, and a cream blush instead of a powder formula.

Brown demonstrates how to use cream blush in the video, and there’s even some multi-tasking involved. She applies the Lip and Cheek Stick directly from the tube to her cheeks and lips in a patting motion with her fingers, and mentions that “if you need a little extra,” the Miracle Face Balm is perfect for adding a luminous tint to the skin. It makes your cheeks “pretty, pretty, pretty,” Brown says. “Because by the way—when you smile, it makes you look better.”

Brown filmed the video in response to a comment that praised the makeup legend’s new Jones Road products which read: “Love this! I’m 54 and it gives my skin a glow instead of that dry look of powder 🥰.”

And Brown didn’t stop there. In another recent video she gave another piece of advice for women over 40: shimmer. Most women in this age group think that shimmer can’t work on their skin—but Brown disagrees.

“Just because you’re of a certain age, doesn’t mean you have to stop using shimmer. A little shimmer can do wonders for your skin by bringing youth without losing maturity,” the beauty mogul captioned the post.

In the video, she says “Guess what? A little bit of luminosity on the cheek is really pretty. I’m not saying put your hand in a pot of glitter or shimmer…but strategically, a little bit looks really pretty.” Brown demonstrates easily and effectively with the Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Cool Rose, applying it with her fingers to the top of the cheekbones. “I just think it gives you that instant luminosity when you just need to look refreshed,” Brown explains.

There you have it: two quick and easy tips for beautiful skin at any age from the legend Bobbi Brown herself! Now, go on and get glowing.

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