Boban Marjanovic makes the easiest dunk in history

The basketball looks like a tennis ball in Boban’s hands. (Getty)

The NBA is back in all its weird, micro-dissected glory, video snippets spinning out into the ether to keep us abreast of America’s strangest, fastest game. And while you might not be basketball-obsessed enough to find anything remarkable in, say, Russell Westbrook grabbing a snack while on the bench, we can all agree that this is fairly amazing: Boban Marjanovic throwing down a dunk while flat-footed.

There’s just so much to love here. Various Denver Nuggets flying around like puppies. Boban throwing down the rock like he’s just through with all the nonsense, then hanging onto the rim for just long enough that you wonder if he’s going to pull it off the backboard. The dead-eyed look that makes you wonder if he’s ever known joy.

Anyway, it was all for naught, as Boban’s Clips lost to Denver 107-98. But we’ll always have this moment … and probably many more like it this season.
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